How Much Does It Cost To Reface A Kitchen

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How Much Does It Cost To Reface A Kitchen – Cabinet remodeling can breathe new life into your existing cabinets, giving them a fresh new look. Resurfacing includes removing cabinet doors, drawer fronts and head panels. The frame and cabinet are then given a new coat of paint, stain or finish. Wardrobe remodeling is often requested for kitchens and bathrooms, but it can be done in any room with a cabinet.

The average cost of resurfacing cabinets ranges from $7,000 to $12,000, with most people spending about $10,000 to resurface 30 linear foot cabinets on high-panel doors with updated hardware. On the low end, you can spend as little as $6,000 to rebuild 30 linear feet of cabinets with RTF plastic laminate and no hardware or accessory upgrades. On the higher end, some cabinet replacement prices are as high as $22,000 to refurbish 30 linear foot cabinets with hardwood and high-end hardware and accessories.

How Much Does It Cost To Reface A Kitchen

Resurfacing 30 linear pedestal cabinets with wood veneer on high panel doors with new hardware and accessories

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A cabinet refurbishment, also known as a cabinet refurbishment, is a process that involves removing doors, drawer fronts, and end panels. Frames and posts are then painted, stained or a new finish is applied. Doors and drawers will have new fronts, often with new hardware to complete the look. In most cases, your existing cabinet boxes and cabinet layout remain the same; Only the front of the cabin is affected. Cabinet resurfacing is not suitable for every project. The boxes should be in good condition and you should be happy with the current layout. However, if these conditions are met, resurfacing can be a less invasive way to give your kitchen a new look.

The requirements for recoating cabinets are simple. If you’re happy with the current layout of the space and the size of your cabinets but want a new look, this might be the answer. Cabinets must be in good condition. Any base that is sagging or damaged anywhere should not be re-coated but replaced. If they need more than a cosmetic update, this is not the right business. Resurfacing is a way to update the look of an old kitchen or bathroom, or to renovate or repair old or damaged drawer fronts and doors. Whether you want a quick style change or are looking for an affordable update before selling, resurfacing offers a quicker, more cost-effective and less intrusive solution than a complete cabinet replacement.

The most obvious areas of the cabinet to be reupholstered are the doors and drawer fronts, but the “finished” cabinet areas are also reupholstered to match. This includes kicks under cabinets, infill panels in between, end panels, sills, and posts that appear when you open cabinet doors. Doors and drawer fronts have been completely replaced. Other areas can be given a veneer or laminate finish to match the finish of the new cabinet. All these areas are included in the cost per linear foot.

The average cost of a cabinet refurbishment ranges from $210 to $750 per linear foot, including labor. There are many factors involved in the final price. The cost per linear foot varies based on the materials used for the resurfacing, the amount of damage required for repair and preparation, and the amount of material needed for the job. Materials such as MDF and laminate will be cheaper than hardwood and premium veneers. The accessibility of cabinets that need refurbishment affects the associated labor costs and increases costs.

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Depending on the type of materials used, you can expect to spend between $60 and $500 per linear foot on materials alone to resurface cabinets. Like new cabinets, refinishing materials come in many styles and options. Only certain materials can be used for certain cabinet types, while others can be used for different styles. In the table and subsections below, we’ll look at the most common materials used to reupholster cabinets, the associated costs, and the pros and cons of each. Next, you’ll have an idea of ​​your resurfacing options, which helps you decide which materials best fit your budget and remodeling needs.

The average cost to resurface an RTF cabinet is between $60 and $70 per linear foot for the materials needed to complete the job. This durable material is a plastic laminate that looks like natural wood but lasts longer with less care. An inexpensive option for those on a tight budget. However, since the material is sensitive to moisture and swells in humidity, it may not be suitable for all areas. Professionals should carefully recoat plastic laminate cabinets to ensure they are installed correctly and the correct materials are used for the job.

The average cost of refinishing melamine cabinets is between $60 and $70 per square foot. For the material, because melamine is a kind of low pressure laminate similar to the RTF material discussed above. Melamine is less durable than high-pressure laminates like Formica, but provides an affordable option for refinishing existing cabinets. If you already have melamine cabinets, it’s easy to refurbish them with new melamine if you choose one of the other materials available. Be sure to discuss a specific laminate material selection with your contractor to get an accurate quote and the best material for your needs.

Many people use MDF wood cabinets in their kitchens, with an average resurfacing cost of only $70 to $80 per linear foot. MDF is available in many different thicknesses and can be used to add structure and replace already thin cabinets. MDF is not as durable as some materials and is prone to damage from moisture and dry rot, so it may not be suitable for all spaces. However, it is a common choice for those on a budget who need a mid-range solution that is affordable and offers enough choice for their taste. Some people may choose to build MDF cabinets and then renovate them with durable or premium materials such as laminate or veneer.

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The average cost of laminate cabinets for 3D laminates ranges from $80 to $100 per linear foot. This laminate is easy to install, has a true grain to provide a wood-like appearance, and offers a low maintenance option. It wraps around corners and is scratch resistant. However, with regular wear, it may lose some of the lamination on the edges over time. It is slightly more expensive than sheet lamination but offers a higher quality finish and a more modern look.

The average cost of installing pressure sensitive cladding to resurface cabinets is between $80 and $100 per linear foot for the material alone. This material is preferred because it is easy to process and does not leave nail holes. This coating requires precise application, so it cannot be used in DIY projects. It can also be affected by moisture, so care should be taken with cabinets installed in areas prone to excessive humidity. It’s thinner and easier to work with than thick wood veneers, but it doesn’t offer all the benefits. Still, while the cost is similar to standard skins, it offers a good choice for those who need something thinner.

The average cost of refinishing a wood veneer cabinet for materials alone is between $80 and $100 per linear foot. This is thicker than pressure sensitive coatings, providing coverage for larger areas and a more durable surface. It also covers face-frame cabinets. No nail holes to worry about, leaving a clean surface when you’re done. As with all coatings, moisture can affect this, so its use must be carefully planned. It requires no special application and is not something you would want to try as a DIY project.

If you choose to resurface your cabinets with new plywood, you can expect to spend $100 to $150 per linear foot on the material. This material can be used anywhere and has many options for coating protection in cabinets. Plywood veneer is subject to potential deterioration from exposure to moisture, but is more durable than other options on this list. This material requires professional installation and provides a high quality surface with long lasting results. A good choice for those who want something more luxurious without being modified.

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Resurfacing with hardwood cabinetry materials is a premium option and costs anywhere from $200 to $500 per linear foot for hardwood, depending on the type chosen. Many types and types of wood grain are available in different sizes and lengths. This expensive option offers a great result for those who want to upgrade without replacing it. Of course, many contractors recommend considering replacement if you’re resurfacing with hardwood. However, resurfacing will be a decision you can make as it will provide years of sustainable use.

The average cost to renovate cabinets ranges from $6,000 to $22,000, depending on location.

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