Flat Screen Tv Wall Cabinets With Doors

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Flat Screen Tv Wall Cabinets With Doors – For most of us, television serves as one of our primary sources of daily entertainment and information. We watch news, reality and talk shows, play video games and watch movies on our TV. Some of us use our flat screens as computer monitors, browse the internet or video chat with friends or family. Whether you watch 2 hours or 10 hours a week, television is a technology that is fully integrated into everyday life.

But as screens get bigger, it becomes more difficult to blend a TV into a room’s decor. Most of us own at least one television, but that doesn’t mean we all want it to be the focal point of our living or family room.

Flat Screen Tv Wall Cabinets With Doors

Even if you’re proud of your flat, wall-mounted plasma screen, there are other good reasons to hide your TV. It’s not just about looks. It’s easy to get kids away from the TV if you can physically “turn it off.” The same is the case with the elders of the house. Hiding a TV for entertainment instantly changes the feel of a room.

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An old solution that still works, if you have the space, look for furniture that is designed to hide your TV. Like the TV cabinets found in many hotel rooms, you can find cabinets and racks with hinged doors at every price point.

If you’re more serious about getting your TV out of sight with the push of a button, you can drop the camera from the ceiling, climb up from inside a dresser, sneak out from behind a family portrait, or from behind. can go out bookcase

If you’re not so high-tech and feel more comfortable with a stationary TV, you can hide your flat screen in plain view. Mirror TVs look like framed mirrors when they are closed and use the same technology on TVs that you might see in designer hotel bathroom mirrors. There are also companies like Art Screen that will frame your TV with any retractable artwork you choose.

For a more low-tech and inexpensive option, use a “plug-in” TV as part of the decor. With a quick change of environmental DVD, you can have a roaring fireplace, a gallery of modern or impressionist paintings or a window to nature with panoramic landscapes and high-definition aquarium views. You are here: Home / Woodworking Projects / Home Decor Woodworking / DIY Wall Mounted TV Cabinet with Free Plans

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I did it! I thought I would never actually build a DIY wall mounted TV for my living room. Partly because I wasn’t sure how to hide the TV. Partly because the thought of mounting our expensive TV to the wall and running wires seemed daunting. Meet? It wasn’t To hide the TV, install the TV bracket and connect the wires, it is not so difficult to make a TV cabinet that looks like art. I’m sharing my free plans for building a flat screen wall mounted TV cabinet so you can hide your TV too.

My decorator for the past 5 years has been the broken TV stand that held our old TV in the corner. It was an ugly giant black shape that took up a lot of space in my small seat. Bottom line, it narrowed down the decorating style I was trying to create in our living space.

I already made my hairpin leg DIY near the edge coffee table and not too long ago I finished the design of my famous painted upholstered chair. My bedroom design ideas are finally starting to come together.

After much research and thought, I came up with the idea of ​​designing a wall mounted TV cabinet with doors that hide the TV and look like art when the doors are closed. My design was basically a simple cabinet with doors to hide the TV.

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Building a cabinet to hide my TV is pretty simple. I need a frame deep enough to house the tv with doors to cover the tv when we are not using it. Simple enough, right? The biggest challenge was figuring out how to make it look like art and modern furniture.

After hours of searching for wall mounted tv cabinet ideas and not finding much, I decided to splurge on four hinged cabinet doors.

*Updated in 2019*. I just finished making my new shaker cabinet doors with hidden hinges and felt that the hinge style would be perfect for this wall mounted tv cabinet project. My original intention was to use soft close hidden drawers and I cheated when designing the cabinet and didn’t account for the extra space for the type of hinges I used.

If you use the Craig Hidden Hinge Jig with the full face frame hinges, the hinges won’t stick out too far and the TV will fit. The soft close function on the hinges is also better to help keep the doors closed. I will still use the magnetic closures on the inside top of the TV cabinet like I did.

Shelf Above Tv

This DIY wall mounted TV cabinet is designed for a 55 inch TV with xxx dimensions. Make the necessary design changes for your TV.

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Using a pocket hole tool designed for 3/4″ material, drill a row of pocket holes on each end of the top and bottom of the cabinet.

You will not see any pocket holes on the inside of the TV cabinet when you mount it on the wall. Place pocket holes on the outside (above the TV cabinet) and outside (under the TV cabinet) using the pocket holes “A” and “C” on the jig.

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Bottom Brackets – Use one of the 47 3/8-inch support pieces on the bottom of the TV wall cabinet as a rear bracket.

On the outside of each support, add two pocket holes at each end and three sets equally spaced at the back. Check out the image of Tv Wall Cabinet Frame below. Use hole locations “A” and “B” on the craig jig.

Secure the support with wood glue and 1 1/4-inch pocket screws. The pocket screws will face the outside of the cabinet (against the wall).

Upper support. Use a second 1″ x 3′ @ 47 3/8″ brace to create a French crease for the top brace. It will fit on top of the TV cabinet. Here’s how to hang a finished TV wall cabinet on the wall around your TV.

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To make a French drum with a jigsaw, place the base of the jigsaw at a 45° angle, clamp the board and cut a straight line through the middle. Draw a line through the center and cut. Since I couldn’t find a picture of mine, I found this french cleat picture to give you an idea of ​​how it looks, works and fits on the wall behind the tv cabinet.

Place one section of the French cap face down and poke holes in the pocket at the back. Punch two pocket holes at each end and place three sets evenly spaced across the back. Attach this piece to the inside of the cabinet, along the back edges of the frame, using glue and 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws. See image above.

Set the other piece of French hook aside. It will be mounted on the wall to provide a TV stand.

Edge the outer edges of each plywood door panel and trim the excess with an edging tool. Here’s a nice simple tutorial on how to use edgebanding if you haven’t tried it. It’s quite easy.

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Read how to install large engineered prints if you plan to use a picture on your wall-mounted TV cabinet like I do. You will do this before moving on to the next steps.

This is where my plans and directions change, but only on the hinge I used. I got confused and didn’t leave myself enough freedom to use the soft nearby hidden dunes. They hit the TV when I tried to close the cabinet doors, so I changed the hinges to regular non-crimp hinges.

I share a better way to add top hinges to a TV cabinet than the first time. You will use the Craig Hidden Hinge Jig to add two holes in the two door panels where they will be attached to the cabinet frame. You can see how a hidden hinge works in How to Make a Cabinet Door Post.

Pin each set of side panels together. Place a set of doors on a flat work surface. A door shall be 12-1/16″ wide on the outside and 12-1/8″ on the inside or center when all doors are closed. Provide two 2 1/2-inch square non-corrugated hinges on the sides of the panel:

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